Our Story

On November 1st, 2018, our lives changed forever. As Jillian entered her 36th week of the pregnancy, an ultrasound showed that the baby no longer had a heart beat. The next 48 hours are forever imprinted in our minds and hearts as we experienced a range of emotions and an overwhelming amount of support from family, friends, and hospital staff. Throughout this entire experience, we were provided with books, emotional support, and things to help comfort our grief. Now, we'd like an opportunity to provide some of that back.

Amelia Grace Klosowski

Arrived and Left us at 3:14pm on November 2nd

She was 19" long and weighed 5lbs

Giving Back

The hospital at which Amelia was delivered has a device named a Cuddle Cot. The purpose of the device is to provide families with precious time with their children as they say their final goodbyes. It works by cooling the bassinet or crib so that the child can remain in the room with the family.


The Cuddle Cot gave us an opportunity to imprint all those things we take for granted to our hearts. Her hands, her feet, her face. It gave us time to say hello and goodbye. We were able to tell her about her big brothers, and all the trips we had planned for her in the coming months.


That same day, another family had also suffered the loss of a child at birth. The hospital put two little candles at the nurses station for each of these little angles. When I had asked about the Cuddle Cot as we were finishing our final farewells to Amelia, I was told the hospital only had one of these amazing devices.


At that moment we knew that what we wanted Amelia’s legacy to be, was the precious gift of time to another family. I’m not sure if the other family had requested or even been aware of the Cuddle Cot, but we knew we didn’t want there to have to be a choice. We wanted the Women and Infant Services department to have as many as we could possibly get them.

Help us Give Back

Our primary goal is to help fund getting another Cuddle Cot for the Women and Infant Services department of Banner Gateway Hospital in Gilbert, AZ. They only have one, and we'd hate for any family to miss out on the opportunity to spend precious time with their child. We've already been in contact with Cuddle Cot's creator to get the charity pricing.

If we end up going over our goal we'll purchase copies of a book called 'My Yellow Balloon', which helps parents explain the loss and grieving process to their children. We'd also like to try and supply some replacement parts for the Cuddle Cots, so they can fix them when needed, with little to no time without them.

Donations to help provide a Cuddle Cot in Amelia's honor are not tax deductible.

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$3,350 of $3,000 raised

Wow!  🙏 We’re truly blown away. We’ve hit our goal, but if you would like to still give, we’ll use additional funds for spare parts, additional support materials, and if possible, a 2nd unit for another hospital in town.

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